Meeting spaces to book when on business trip in Cambridge

If you’re looking for meeting spaces to book when on business trip in Cambridge, you have plenty of options to choose from. Today Cambridge is home to a variety of meeting rooms that can accommodate both small and large groups. The need of more corporate spaces for business travellers and academics has risen with the growth of the businesses within Cambridge Business Park. There are many spaces now to enjoy in the centre of Cambridge for both corporate stay and corporate meetings.

What is the difference between a meeting room and conference room?

A meeting room is a smaller, more intimate space where people can gather for a meeting or presentation. Conference rooms are larger spaces that are typically used for events such as conferences, seminars, or training sessions. Conference rooms usually have more amenities than meeting rooms, such as audio-visual equipment and catering services. Meeting rooms are typically less expensive to hire than conference rooms.

What should a professional conference room have?

A conference room is a place where people come together to discuss important matters. While the size and layout of conference rooms can vary, there are certain features that all professional conference rooms should have. First and foremost, the room should be large enough to comfortably accommodate all of the participants. It should also have a sturdy table and chairs, as well as a whiteboard or other surface for writing down ideas. Highly important, high speed internet should always be available in a meeting or conference room. In addition, the room should be well-lit and free of distractions.

At The Regent in Cambridge we offer a meeting room space suitable for up to 16 people with amenities such as:

  • Private meeting room, divided from the aparthotel by doors

  • Reliable WiFi for your meeting

  • Unlimited tea and coffee whenever you need it

  • 43″ monitor

  • Pads and pens

  • Access to shared lunch area

  • A member of staff on hand to help

  • Purchasable add-ons: Flip chart and pens

By making sure that conference rooms have these essential features, it will ensure a smooth and effective running of the corporate events for all attendants.

What makes a good meeting space?

It’s important for meeting spaces to be comfortable and functional. They should be designed to promote collaboration and creativity, and to help people feel relaxed and focused. Good meeting spaces will have a variety of seating options, plenty of natural light, and ample space for people to move around. They should also be located in a quiet, convenient area that is free from distractions. Depending on the meeting types, different needs might be a priority. Whether the space is for a small team meeting or a large conference, taking the time to find the right meeting space can make all the difference.

How can the layout of the venue impact the meeting?

When planning a meeting, it is important to consider the layout of the venue as it will highly have impact on the meeting success and its participants. The most common layouts are the boardroom and the theatre. The boardroom layout is best suited for smaller, more intimate meetings where participants can interact directly with each other. The boardroom style is used most commonly for internal business meetings or meetings of one department. The theatre layout, on the other hand, is better for larger meetings where participants need to be able to see and hear each other clearly. From experience the theatre layout is usually requested when on the agenda there are colleagues presenting quarterly success or new campaign launches, where visual awareness is a key for everyone attending. There are also a variety of other layouts that can be used, depending on the specific needs of the meeting. Regardless of the layout chosen, it is important to ensure that all participants are able to see and hear each other clearly. This will help to ensure that the meeting or conference event is productive and successful.

Corporate stay in the heart of Cambridge

Corporate stays with the location of the heart of Cambridge are becoming more popular among business travellers. The city is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities, making it a hub for innovative thinking, culture and creativity. Corporate guests can take advantage of this intellectual capital by staying in one of the many corporate studio apartments at The Regent located in the city centre. Our studio apartments offer spacious and comfortable accommodations, complete with all the amenities needed for a successful business trip. Corporate guests appreciate being within walking distance of restaurants, shops, and attractions, as well as having access to public transportation. With its central location and array of amenities, a corporate stay in the heart of Cambridge and Parker’s Piece is the perfect choice for any business traveller.

You can further explore all the booking options of corporate stays and meeting rooms that The Regent Cambridge has to offer here.

Private hire at The Regent Cambridge

As a service, The Regent, not only offers corporate stay and meeting room hire but also various option for private hire.

If as a business you would like to have your team stay at the same place and also have access to a meeting room where you could work together while in Cambridge, then you should definitely enquire a private hire with The Regent. For more information visit this page.